Tyndall AFB, FL (By Steven Dinote, Armed Forces Sports) – After five days of non-stop action, the 2012 Armed Forces Women’s Basketball Championship is winding down.  With the Army and Navy tied with four wins and one loss, the stage is now set for the championship matchup.

As the teams conclude the double round robin preliminary games, the Army and Navy are mathematically in the lead to compete for the title. 

Leading up to the March 29th’s games, the Army was undefeated throughout the tournament.  With double digit scores from AN Sierra Goldwire (Atsugi, Japan), ENS Rebecca Grimes (USCG New Orleans), and Myers; the Navy ended Army’s streak and both teams are 4-1.  In their first matchup, Army’s SPC Ashley Bowman (Ft Meade) lead with 28 points as the Navy fell 82-63.  The rubber match is scheduled for this Saturday, 31 March at 1400. 

The defending champion Air Force team will play the Marine Corps in the Consolation Game at 1030 on the 31st.  The Air Force is currently 2-3, with both wins coming from the 0-5 Marines.