USA Results

Women’s 63kg: Maj Amber Jones (Army) – DNP (L) 0-10 v Poland Elimination Round of 16

Women’s 70kg: CPT Anna Feygina (Army) – DNP (L) 0-10 v Poland Elimination Round of 16; (L) 1-OH v France in Repechage

Men’s 73kg: LT Tiago Goncalves (USCG) – DNP (L) 0-10 v Mongolia Elimination Round of 64

Men’s 90kg: MSgt Dustin Clocherty (USAF) – DNP (L) 0-10 v Spain Elimination Round of 64

Qualifying Standards

Applications must contain results from sanctioned USA Judo and/or International Judo Federation (IJF) competitions within the last two years.  Applicants must meet one of the following standards below for consideration of the 7th CISM Military World Games.  
1 – Are Nationally Ranked within USA Judo (Senior Male/Female);

2 – Have competed in A+, A, or B-Level events;

3 – Have competed in the U.S. Senior Nationals (USN) or the USA Judo National Presidents Cup Championship (PRZ) and have placed in the top four or 50% percentile of your respective weight class.  

Priority will be given to athletes who are nationally ranked and/or have competed in A+, A, or B-Level events.  Those who have only competed in the one of the C-Level events above will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, with emphasis on the volume of events competed in as well as past CISM experience.  

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