News and Highlights

Airmen at Travis AFB Feat. DGMC part 4: Staff Sgt. Loisel
U.S. Air Force Staff Sgt. Stefani Loisel, 60th Surgical Services Squadron aerospace medical technician, hugs her sons, Noah, left, and Kaden Aug. 11, 2021, at Travis Air Force Base, California. Loisel contributes to the recruitment, retention and readiness of service members by playing on the USAF Women’s Rugby Team, which is a part of Armed Forces Sports. After her more than two years of training to be on and finally joining the USAF Rugby Team came to a halt due to the pandemic, the team played in the June 2021 Annual Armed Forces Women’s Rugby Championship in Wilmington, North Carolina, securing second place. (U.S. Air Force photo by Nicholas Pilch)
Sept. 9, 2021 - Ask a rugby player what’s good to bring along for a match and you might hear a strange answer: A medic. For one player, though, it’s a requirement. Staff Sgt. Stefani Loisel, an aerospace medical technician with the 60th Surgical Services Squadron, plays as a wing on the U.S. Air Force Rugby team and is a single mother to two boys, aged four and five.

Army goes undefeated to win Armed Forces Women's Rugby Gold
Army 2nd lt. Samantha Sullivan of Fort Carson, Colo. drives to the try zone against the Marine Corps during the 2021 Armed Forces Rugby Championship held in conjunction with the 2021 Cape Fear Rugby Sevens Tournament, held from 24-28 June.  Service members from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force (with Space Force personnel) and Coast Guard battle it out for gold.  (Department of Defense Photo, Released)
June 27, 2021 - Army goes undefeated to win their second consecutive title at the 2021 Armed Forces Women’s Rugby Championship held in conjunction with the Cape Fear 7’s Rugby Tournament in Wilmington, N.C. from June 25-27.

Cape Fear sevens to Host 2021 Armed Forces Women’s Rugby Championship
WILMINGTON, N.C. (June 6, 2019) -- Army faces off against Navy on day two of the inaugural Armed Forces Women's Rugby Championship held in Wilmington, N.C. July 5-7, 2019. This historic event features the best female rugby players from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, who will compete for the title of the first ever Women's Rugby Champs (U.S. Dept. of Defense photo by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Patrick Gordon/RELEASED)
June 15, 2021 - The annual Armed Forces Women’s Rugby Championship featuring teams from Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force (with Space Force personnel), and Coast Guard, is held in conjunction with the 2021 Cape Fear Rugby Sevens Tournament from 24-28 June.

Schedule and Results

Friday, 25 June
Cape Fear Rugby Complex 

Match 1: Marines 25 - Coast Guard 0   Photos
Match 2: Army 17 - Air Force 5             Photos
Match 3: Marines 38 - Navy 0               Photos

Saturday, 26 June
Cape Fear Regional Soccer Park 

Match 4: Army 27 - Coast Guard 0        Photos
Match 5: Air Force 26 - Navy 0              Photos
Match 6: Army 5 - Marines 0                 Photos
Match 7: Coast Guard 22 - Navy 7        Photos
Match 8: Air Force 14 - Marines 5         Photos
Match 9: Air Force 26 - Coast Guard 7  Photos
Match 10: Army 32 - Navy 0                  Photos

All-Tournament Team

Capt Gianna Khoudary, Creech AFB, NV - USAF
LCpl Ubaida Ahmed, MCAS Cherry Point, NC - USMC
Maj Stephanie Iacobucci, MCB Camp Pendleton, CA - USMC
PO2 Michal Williams, NIOC Texas - Navy
2LT Samantha Sullivan, Fort Carson, CO - Army
CPT Lauran Glover, Army Reserves - Army
CPT Danielle Deshaies - Fort Stewart, GA - Army


Army 27 – Coast Guard 5
Army 38 – Air Force 0
Army 7 – Scion 24

Army finishes second place overall in the Women’s Competitive Division.  

Marine Corps 15 – Charlotte Green12
Marine Corps 5 – Scion 24

Navy 14 – Savannah Shamrocks 5
Scion 38 – Navy 0

Air Force 26 – Knoxville Minx 17
Air Force 0 – Army 38

Coast Guard 5 – Army 27


1st Army 4 0 0 83 5 78
2nd Air Force 3 1 0 71 31 40
3rd Marine Corps 2 2 0 70 19 51
4th Coast Guard 1 3 0 29 87 -58
5th Navy 0 4 0 7 118 -111