Nov 1947 – First Inter-service Sports Council (ISSC) meeting held.  Member Services include Army, Navy, and Air Force

Feb 1948 – First Articles of Agreement approved by Gen. Omar Bradley, thus officially establishing the ISSC

Feb 1948 – Creation of the International Military Sports Council (CISM – Council International du Sport Militaire), with five founding members:  Belgium, France, Denmark, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands

Jun 1951 – United States joins CISM, operates as US CISM Executive Agency out of US Army Europe (USAREUR) with US Delegation to CISM Championships primarily US Armed Forces Personnel stationed in Europe

Feb 1953 – U.S. Marine Corps joins the ISSC; Establishment of ISSC Chairperson rotates annually among the four Services

Sep 1954 – First Department of Defense Directive 1330.4 established

Mar 1955 – Public Law 11 established authorizing Armed Forces Personnel to train/participate in national and international  events

Jun 1962 – Administration of US CISM Program transferred from USAREUR to Washington, D.C.:  CISM Executive Office within Department of Army Headquarters Sports Office

Jan 1969 – Permanent ISSC Secretariat established by DOD Directive 1330.4 (Nov 1968)

Jul 1978 – Establishment of CISM North American Liaison Office

Mar 1987 – DOD Directive 1330.4 updated and ISSC is renamed the Armed Forces Sports Committee (AFSC)

Sep 1998 – Coast Guard joins AFSC as non-voting member

Aug 2010 – Most recent DOD Directive 1330.4 signed; AFSC now officially called the Armed Forces Sports Council

Dec 2019 – U.S. Space Force becomes newest Service branch within the Department of Air Force; Space Force personnel compete on Air Force teams