Warendorf, Germany – The United States Women’s Armed Forces Soccer team is competing in the 2012 Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) World Military Women’s Soccer Championship hosted by the German Delegation in the beautiful city of Warendorf, Germany. 

Team USA is made up of women from across the branches of Service.  During a two-week trial/training camp held at MacDill AFB, FL; the US women headed across the ocean for the 8th edition of the CISM Women’s Soccer Championship from 18-30 June.


Below are articles highlighting the action throughout the tournament.


(By Helge Stuckenberg/Carsten Koslowski) Warendorf, Germany - The qualifying matches for the places 5 - 8 were characterized by derbies: in Warendorf, the Netherlands played against Belgium while the USA faced Canada in Ostbevern. As expected, the favorites prevailed in both cases: The Netherlands won 3 - 1 and the USA succeeded with a score of 2 - 0.

First tournament goal for Belgium 

In the first match for the 5 - 8 places, the Dutch team defeated its neighbor from Belgium by 3 - 1.  In the first half, the spectators that had gathered in the stadium of the Sports School saw a tenacious fight with Oranje being the predominant team that, however, found the compactly acting Belgian defense a hard nut to crack. Torny de Kok and their team mates were not able to capitalize on the chances they had. 

In the second half, Belgium even had the chance to take the lead, but Daisy Ryckmann who was brilliantly set free by her team mates misses the mark. This had dire consequences later on, because the Netherlands were able to decide the match in their favor within four (!) minutes: First, Jessica Torny safely slid a low pass from the right side into the net (57th), then only two minutes later, she scored again with a header after a cross from the left, and finally, Natalie Donkersloot hit the goal and increased the score to 3 - 0 (60th).

The matter had been settled, but the encounter still had one highlight to offer: In the 77th minute, the Belgian team, unfairly stopped during a counter-attack, was awarded a free-kick, which was scooped into the net by Sofie Sarlet. The high and unreachable shot meant that the Belgians, in their fourth match, had scored their first goal of the tournament.

Delaney Brown makes the difference

In the second clash between neighbors, the USA had the upper hand against Canada. In a relatively one-sided match, the USA was not able to convert their superiority as players into compelling chances to score a goal. Consequently, they would have had no reason to complain if the Canadians had scored a goal, whoch of course would have changed the course of the match entirely: In the 37th minute, Leanne Fomenko escaped her opponent in what was Canada's only real chance to score, and shot the ball from 16 meters distance. The US goalkeeper Elizabeth Reed, however, was able to parry the shot.

The fact that the American victory remained unchallenged was mainly due to Delaney Brown. Time and again, the American number 10 caused dangerous situations by making clever passes and in standard situations. In the 41st minute, the Canadians were not able to clear after her free kick, which led to Wendy Emminger scoring the opener from 10 meters distance. Of course there was a little bit of luck involved since her shot was deflected beyond reach. After a corner by Brown, Rachael Emory's header only hit the inside of the left goal post in the 57th minute. Only seconds later, Sarah Thomas failed against the Canadian goalkeeper Chantel Marson who was able to direct the shot to the right post this time. When nobody was expecting further actions anymore, Brown herself dotted the i and crossed the T of the deserved yet dull American victory by scoring with a brilliant free kick from more than 20 meters distance in the 88th minute.

The Netherlands thus take on the USA in the match for the 5th place on June 28th, while Belgium will be up against Canada in the match for the 7th place on the same day.


(By Carsten Koslowski) If some of the players of the US team had a restless night after their match against Brazil, their bad dreams might have had a real name: Katia Cilene. In Brazil’s 5 – 0 victory, the forward almost single-handedly brought down their opponent with four strikes – among them a flawless hat-trick in the first half – thus putting an end to USA’s dream of reaching the semi-finals. By the forward’s “one-woman show”, Brazil safely won Group B and will be meeting the Republic of Korea in the semi-finals.

About a quarter-hour after the start of the match, the rain in Beelen’s Neumühlenstadion abated noticeably. As if this would have been their attack signal, the Brazilians turned up the heat and already decided the game for themselves within the next half hour. The US girls who were positioned quite well initially and even got their first chance to score by Raegan McDowell were now caught by surprise. Thanks to the accuracy of the Brazilian forward Katia, the match was practically decided by the half-time break.

The first strike

For 10 minutes, the match was characterized by the two teams carefully getting a feel for each other. When McDowell, after a beautiful individual performance over the right side, came into a shooting position and only narrowly missed the goal, this seemed to be a wake-up call for Brazil. Only three minutes later, the exceptional forward Katia had her first strike. Credit must be given to her goal keeper Luana whose goal kick presented the ball on a plate to the forward whose opponent misjudged its trajectory. Katia initially failed against the splendid reaction of US keeper Elizabeth Reed but managed to net the ball with a follow-up shot via the inside of the left post. A US player’s attempt to clear the ball off the line came too late.

Adding insult to injury

During this scene, US player Rachael Emory was injured so badly that she had to be substituted by Christin Brodie after several minutes of treatment on the sideline. When Brodie entered the field, the score already was 2 – 0. The Brazilians had taken advantage of the opponent’s lower numbers with stone-cold efficiency. During a fast attack of the South Americans, Emory was missing in the defense line, Katia was set free brilliantly and unstoppably hammered the ball into the upper left corner from eight meters distance (18th minute).

The USA needed some time to recover from this double strike. It was not until half an hour later when they started to attack their opponent’s penalty area again but Amanda Messinger’s lob was not good enough for Brazil’s keeper Luana. They US did not really find their way back into the game, even playmaker Delaney Brown was hardly able to shine with her fast long passes as she did against Belgium. Thus, the offense was missing those surprising moments needed to threaten the Brazilian defense.

Katia scores and scores

The last doubts as to how the match might end were again removed by Katia two minutes before the break. After US keeper Reed had performed another outstanding save, this time against Natalia who had been set free nicely, Katia stood exactly where a striker is supposed to stand and tapped in the ball achieving a hat-trick and a 3 – 0 half-time lead.

In the second half, Brazil only did what was necessary while the US girls struggled hard but were unable to create enough forward momentum. After Josiele’s volley was stopped by the fantastically reacting Reed (49th minute) and a header of the lively winger Jane only hit the bar (63rd minute), the goal getter on duty had to get involved once more: Katia headed the 4 – 0 after a free kick in the 70th minute. Following this, the forward who has scored eight goals in this tournament so far was substituted under the applause of the approximately 250 spectators. The US girls probably weren’t too sad about that.

US keeper saved half a dozen

Brazil’s remaining players then showed that they also function without their prolific scorer by even scoring a 5 – 0 in the 77th minute. After a free kick into the US penalty area, Tatiane kept her cool and achieved the final result by a low drop kick. However, also keeper Elizabeth Reed, the best US player on this afternoon, was able to excel once more: In the 82nd minute, she saved a penalty resulting from a foul on Maria Rita by Courtney Day. The Brazilians most likely didn’t care much about this that day.

Brazil wins Group B and will be facing off against the Republic of Korea in Ostbevern on the 26th of June 2012 at 19:00 hrs. Coming in third in their group, the USA will initially be facing off against Canada in the classification matches for the 5th-8th place in the same stadium on the same day at 16:30 hrs. 


(By Carsten Koslowski)  The US team has kept its chances alive to reach the semi-finals of group B by scoring a 3 – 0 victory against Belgium. The spectators in the idyllically-situated Neumühlenstadion at Beelen saw a US team that dominated the whole match and made a lot of goal scoring chances. Belgium put up a great fight to limit the damage, but didn't really stand a chance and could consider itself lucky to receive only three goals.

After a surprising 0 – 3 against France in the first group stage match, the US team was bound to win. That's why they started the match in an offensive manner of play against an opponent who apparently did not want to get run over as in the first group stage match against Brazil. That the Belgian team really managed to do so, however, was mainly due to the American insufficiency to capitalize on clear scoring chances and the performance of the Belgian goalkeeper Mélissa Houbotte.
Terrific first half time

Already after 120 seconds, Randee Farrell was able to get past the Belgian defense quite easily, but was stopped in the last nick of time by a rather rough but still fair action. This set the course for the match: The American players besieged the Belgian goal, very often by long passes kicked by the outstanding Delaney Brown and made their chances nearly with each passing minute, whereas the Belgian team around captain Yorka Vuye put up a strong bulwark of defense against them and fought fiercely for every single ball.

The US girls failed to decide the game at an early stage and were denied by the Belgian goalkeeper or got into their own way on several occasions. The clearest chance was wasted by Rachael Emory, who was brilliantly set free by Farrell in the 17th minute, but missed the empty goal. After several futile attempts, the stronghold was broken into by Wendy Emminger's header. Once again, the US player approached the Belgian goalkeeper alone, but this time she kept her cool, took the goalkeeper for a ride and scored the overdue 1 - 0.

Early decision in the second half

It was almost surprising how quickly the Americans sealed the deal in the second half time after failing to do so a dozen times in the first half. Immediately after entering the match after the starting whistle for the second half-time, Kirsten Laraway scored the 2 - 0 with a fulminant distance shot - a preliminary decision. In the 57 th minute, Courtney Day headed the ball into the goal and sealed the deal. Belgium was defeated. Now the game increasingly lost its momentum, which did not keep the US girls from making further top-class scoring chances. However, they did not manage to get past Houbotte in the opponent's goal who scattered several good scoring chances. The Belgian team that put up a great fight could thank their goalkeeper that the result stayed within reason.

Keeping chances alive to reach the semi-final

With an unchallenged 3 – 0 victory, the American players kept their chances alive to reach the semi-final. In the last group stage match in Beelen on 24th of June at 17.00 hrs, they now will face Brazil that is at the top of the table.


(By Helge Stuckenberg) (20-6-2012) The second match of Group B, staged at „Stadtstadion Warendorf“, saw France clearly beating the USA 3-0. The French team, spurred on by the excellent playmaker Salma Amani (EA Guingamp), already opened the score in the 6th minute when Laetitia Mariani exploited a blunder from the US defense and sent the ball in high at the far post.

As the first half went on, the quick and agile French players, who time and again were able to break through on the wings, continued to retain control of the game, but were not able to convert their superiority into further goals. Neither a far-range shot fired by Laura Pichonnier nor a Salma Amani solo did bring about the 2-0.

After the break, the supporters of the two teams – small in number but extremely vociferous – saw essentially the same action taking place: France had more possession, while the USA relied on sporadic counterattacks to create danger. Thus, it did not come as a surprise when Ingrid Pinto (56’), following some great link-up play, extended the lead with a low shot from short range.

Afterwards, the US team put up a better effort and was awarded some set pieces from dangerous positions but in the end still had to concede the 3-0: Laura Pichonnier (75’) used a cross from the left to head in and settle the final score, capitalizing on an error by US keeper Elizabeth Reed.
The entire team of France put up a convincing performance. Provided they retain their form, they must be considered a serious title contender, with the potential to keep up with the brilliant football displayed by Brazil and the Republic of Korea in their respective opening matches.

Click here for photos of Group B matches.

Warendor, Germany – The United States Women’s Armed Forces Soccer team has arrived in Germany to compete in the 8th CISM Women’s Military World Soccer Championship.

The Armed Forces Women’s Soccer trial camp was held at MacDill AFB, FL from 7-17 June. After two weeks of trials and training, Team USA arrived in Warendorf on the 18th of June. 


Team USA Roster: 

Major Randee Farrell, US Military Academy, New York ARMY
Captain Delaney Brown, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, ARMY
Captain Courtney Day, JB Charleston, South Carolina USAF
Captain Wendy Emminger, McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey USAF
Captain Geralyn Hall, Albuquerque MEPS, Albuquerque, New Mexico ARMY
Captain Anna Lebo, Fort Carson, Colorado ARMY
Captain Reagan McDowell, JB Lewis-McChord, Washington USAF
Captain Brittney Perkowski, US Air Force Academy, Colorado USAF
Captain Sarah Thomas, Scott Air Force Base, Illinois USAF
Captain Michelle Veach, Greensburg Recruiting Company, Greensburg, Pennsylvania USAF
First Lieutenant Christin Brodie, Ramstein Air Base, Germany USAF
First Lieutenant Rachael Emory, Soto Cano, SOUTHCOM USAF
Lieutenant Junior Grade Kristen  Laraway, San Diego, California NAVY
First Lieutenant Amanda Messinger, McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey USAF
First Lieutenant Celine Ziobro, Creech Air Force Base, Nevada USAF
Ensign Kathryn Kelly, Washington DC NAVY
Ensign Elizabeth Reed, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusetts NAVY
Airman First Class Elaine Green, Dover Air Force Base, Delaware USAF

Head Coach:  Agustine Mendez, Converse, Texas
Assistant Coach:  Captain Jamie L. Andrews, University of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii

Team Captain:  Sharla K. Alexander, MacDill Air Force Base, Florida
Chief of Mission:  LTC Anthony Johnson, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Team Doctor:  Captain Jeanne Patzkowski, Fort Sam Houston, Texas
Team Trainer:  Chief Master Sergeant Kevin Davalos, Joint Base Charleston, South Carolina
Match Delegate Captain Melinda M. Breiding, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida