2024 Armed Forces Sports Calendar
As of 13 December 2023

Armed Forces Cross Country
At USA Nationals
Richmond, VA
18-21 January

Armed Forces Esports (2023)
Frisco, TX
22-26 January

Armed Forces Wrestling 
US Air Force Academy, CO
29 February - 4 March

Armed Forces Golf 
Patrick SFB, FL
11-15 March

Armed Forces Men's Soccer
Albany, GA
2-10 April

Armed Forces Bowling
Fort Meade, MD
25-29 April

Armed Forces Esports (2024)
San Antonio, TX
May 2024

CISM Rugby Men's and Women's Championship
Amsterdam, Netherlands
1-7 June

CISM Golf Championship
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
TBC June

Armed Forces Triathlon
NB Ventura County, CA
26-30 June

Armed Forces Women's Rugby

CISM Parachuting Championship
Szonok, Hungary
1-11 July

Armed Forces Men's and Women's Softball
Oklahoma City, OK
13-19 August

Armed Forces Men's Rugby 
Glendale, CO
22-26 August

USA Softball Men's Nationals
Oklahoma City, OK
29 Aug - 2 Sep

USA Softball Women's Nationals
Oklahoma City, OK
6-9 September

Armed Forces Volleyball (M/W)
Fort Carson, CO
10-14 September

CISM Judo Championship
Tashkent, Uzbekistan
2-7 October

Armed Forces Basketball (M/W)
Fort Moore, GA
3-11 October

CISM Orienteering Championship
Cartagena, Spain
16-22 October

Armed Forces Marathon 
Washington, DC
25-28 October

CISM Wrestling Championship
Yerevan, Armenia
TBC November

SHAPE International Basketball (M/W)
Mons, Belgium
TBC Dec 2023