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News | Oct. 5, 2014

Miller wins gold, Fay takes silver, Smith and Feroleto add bronzes at CISM Military Worlds

By Mr. Gary Abbott USA Wrestling

FORT DIX, N.J. – 2008 Olympic bronze medalist SGT Randi Miller captured the gold medal at 69 kg in women’s freestyle, on of four U.S. medalists on Saturday night at the CISM Military World Championships at Joint Base McGuire – Dix – Lakehurst, in New Jersey.

Miller finished with a 4-0 record in her five-athlete round-robin. She clinched the win with a 2-0 victory over Chunying Wang of China in the evening session. Both of the points were on pushouts, with the second one coming while Miller was on the shot clock.

“I was cognizant of the areas she was trying to score in. I was trying to score, so it made it easier to do the job. When they put you on the shot clock, it gives you an urgency to get going,” said Miller

Her biggest win came in her third match, when she defeated a fellow 2008 Olympic bronze medalist, Agnieszka Wieszczek-Kordus of Poland, 5-1. Miller avenged a loss by pin against Wieszczek-Kordus in the first round of the 2014 World Championships in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in September.

She opened with a solid 6-0 win over Enos Mostafa Yousef of Egypt, scoring two takedowns and two pushouts. She came back in round two with another aggressive attack to defeat Enkhbayar Tsevegmed of Mongolia, 10-4.

“I had definitely a different focus here. I am still not where I want to be. That’s what’s in my head now. This is my first CISMs, and I am happy to win here at the Military Worlds. It means a lot to me,” said Smith.

Claiming a silver medal at 74 kg in men’s freestyle was SGT Moza Fay of U.S. Army, who was edged in the gold-medal finals by Galynmzhan Userbayev of Kazakhstan, 7-10.

Fay led 2-0 with a first period takedown, but Userbayev came back with a takedown early in the second period to tie it up. A big scramble ensued, with Userbayev getting a four-point takedown, Fay a two-point reversal with exposure and Userbayev a one-point reversal. The USA protested the match and lost, giving the Kazahk another point for an 8-4 lead. Fay pressed the action, giving up a takedown and scoring three more points, but was unable to catch up.

“I was one-dimensional in my offense. It gives me something to work on. He was a smart wrestler. In small, little tiny areas where I was out of position, he capitalized on. I felt I was in better shape and worked harder than him. He was a little more technical. I am disappointed in the loss. For my first CISM Championships, taking second place, I can’t complain,” said Fay.

Fay won three straight matches to qualify for the finals. He opened with a 14-3 technical fall over Byambadorj Bat-Erdine of Mongolia, then defeated 2010 CISM Military World champion Krystian Brzozowski of Poland, 7-6. In the semifinals, he had a dominant 10-0 technical fall over Henri Selenius of Finland.

2005 World champion SSG Iris Smith of the U.S. Army finished with a 1-2 record in a four-athlete roundrobin at 75 kg to claim the bronze medal. Smith was a CISM World gold medalist in 2010.

Smith lost her first match on criteria to Jia Liping of China, 2-2, as Jia scored the only takedown. She rebounded with an impressive win over Enkhbayar Tsevegmed of Mongolia, 10-4. In her final bout, she lost by technical fall to 2014 World silver medalist Aline da Silva Ferreira of Brazil, 0-10. The Brazilian won the gold medal with a 3-0 record.

Earning a bronze medal at 60 kg in women’s freestyle was SGT Othello Feroleto of U.S. Army, who went 0-2 in her roundrobin, dropping technical falls to Xiafeng Chen of China and 2014 World champion Tserenchimeg Sukhee of Mongolia. Feroleto indicated that this is the last competition of her career, as she intends to retire.

Two-time U.S. World Team member CPT Leigh Provisor of the U.S. Army dropped a tight 3-4 match in the quarterfinals to 2014 Junior World silver medalist Dalma Caneva of Italy at 63 kg. Provisor was eliminated when Caneva lost in the semifinals, and she finished sixth.

Three U.S. men’s freestyle wrestlers lost bouts in the preliminaries and were eliminated when their opponents failed to make the finals.

At 96 kg, SPC Jack Jensen of the U.S. Army won his first match over Marat Aibussinov of Kazakhstan, 8-4. In the quarterfinals, a controversial call went against him in a close match, and he ultimately lost to 2013 Junior World silver medalist Viktor Kazishvili of Armenia, 2-12. When Kazashvili lost in the semifinals, Jensen was eliminated

At 125 kg, SPC Eric Nye of the U.S. Army lost to 2013 CISM Military World champion Deng Zhiwei of China, 0-4. Deng was beaten in the semifinals, knocking out Nye.

At 86 kg, A1C Nathaniel Hartley of the U.S. Air Force lost a technical fall to Adilet Davlumbayev of Kazakhstan, 1-13. Davlumbayev lost in the semifinals, keeping Hartley out of the repechage rounds.

Competition completed in both the men’s freestyle and women’s freestyle divisions. Team standings in all three styles will be announced at the end of the entire competition.

Greco-Roman begins on Sunday with four weight classes. The time for the morning session has been changed to 9:00 a.m., one half hour later than the original schedule.

At Joint Base McGuire – Dix – Lakehurst, N.J.

U.S. Men’s Freestyle performances

74 kg – SGT Moza Fay, U.S. Army, silver medal
WIN Byambadorj Bat-Erdine (Mongolia), tech. fall 14-3, 4:15
WIN Krystian Brzozowski (Poland), 7-6
WIN Henri Selenius (Finland), tech fall 10-0, 4:22
LOSS Galynmzhan Userbayev (Kazakhstan), 7-10

86 kg - A1C Nathaniel Hartley, U.S. Air Force
LOSS Adilet Davlumbayev (Kazakhstan), tech. fall 1-13, 1:48

96 kg – SPC Jack Jensen, U.S. Army
WIN Marat Aibussinov (Kazakhstan), 8-4
LOSS Viktor Kazishvili (Armenia), tech. fall 2-12

125 kg – SPC Eric Nye, U.S. Army
LOSS Deng Zhiwei (China), 0-4

U.S. Women’s Freestyle performances

60 kg - SGT Othello Feroleto, U.S. Army, bronze medal
LOSS Xiafeng Chen (China), tech. fall, 0-10, 4:37
LOSS Tserenchimeg Sukhee (Mongolia), tech. fall 0-11, 4:19

63 kg - CPT Leigh Provisor, U.S. Army
LOSS Dalma Caneva (Italy), 3-4

69 kg - SGT Randi Miller, U.S. Army, gold medal
WIN Enos Mostafa Yousef (Egypt), 6-0
WIN Enkhbayar Tsevegmed (Mongolia), 10-4
WIN Agnieszka Wieszczek-Kordus (Poland), 5-1
WIN Chunying Wang (China), 2-0

75 kg - SSG Iris Smith, U.S. Army, bronze medal
LOSS Jia Liping (China), 2-2
WIN Odonchimeg Badrakh (Mongolia), 7-2
LOSS Aline da Silva Ferreira (Brazil), tech. fall, 0-10, 4:35

Men’s freestyle results

74 kg
Gold –Galymzhan Userbayev (Kazakhstan)
Silver - Moza Fay (USA)
Bronze – Vipin (India)
Bronze –Krystian Brzozowski (Poland)
5th - Kithsiri Edirsinghe (Sri Lanka)
5th - Henri Selenius (Finland)
Gold –Galymzhan Userbayev (Kazakhstan) dec. Moza Fay (USA), 10-7
Bronze – Vipin (India) pin Kithsiri Edirsinghe (Sri Lanka), 0:14
Bronze –Krystian Brzozowski (Poland) tech. fall Henri Selenius (Finland), 10-0

86 kg
Gold – Uitumen Orgondol (Mongolia)
Silver – Marco Riesen (Switzerland)
Bronze - Oleh Bilotserkivskyi (Ukraine)
Bronze - Macieij Balawender (Poland)
5th - Bahetihan Hawatibieke (China)
5th - Alildet Davlumbayev (Kazakhstan)
Gold– Uitumen Orgondol (Mongolia) dec. Marco Riesen (Switzerland), 8-5
Bronze –Oleh Bilotserkivskyi (Ukraine) dec. Bahetihan Hawatibieke (China), 4-3
Bronze –Macieij Balawender (Poland) dec. Alildet Davlumbayev (Kazakhstan), 10-4

96 kg
Gold – William Harth (Germany)
Silver – Hav Youdhvir (India)
Bronze – Radoslaw Marcinkiewicz (Poland)
Bronze – Victor Kazishvili (Armenia)
5th - Philipp Hutter (Switzerland)
5th - Saidani Fayssal (Algeria)
Gold–William Harth (Germany) tech. fall Hav Youdhvir (India), 10-0, 5:23
Bronze – Radoslaw Marcinkiewicz (Poland) tech. fall Philipp Hutter (Switzerland), 10-0, 5:00
Bronze – Victor Kazishvili (Armenia) pin Saidani Fayssal (Algeria), 1:14

125 kg
Gold – Johannes Kessel (Germany)
Silver – Dmitry Popov (Kazakhstan)
Bronze - Zhiwei Deng (China)
Bronze - Radoslaw Baran (Poland)
5th - Hamdy Most Elsaied (Egypt)
5th - Movses Adamyan (Armenia)
Gold– Johannes Kessel (Germany) dec. Dmitry Popov (Kazakhstan), 6-5
Bronze – Zhiwei Deng (China) tech. fall Hamdy Most Elsaied (Egypt), 10-0, 4:35
Bronze – Radoslaw Baran (Poland) inj. dft. Movses Adamyan (Armenia)

Women’s freestyle results

60 kg
Gold- Tserenchimed Sukhee (Mongolia)
Silver- Xiaofang Chen (China)
Bronze - Othella Feroleto (USA)
Round 1 - Xiaofang CHEN (CHN) won by tech fall over Othella FEROLETO (USA) (TF 10-0)
Round 2 - Tserenchimed SUKHEE (MGL) won by decision over Xiaofang CHEN (CHN) (Dec 11-11)
Round 3 - Tserenchimed SUKHEE (MGL) won by tech fall over Othella FEROLETO (USA) (TF 11-0)

63 kg
Gold - Xu Haiyan (China)
Silver - Monika Michalik (Poland)
Bronze - Dalma Caneva (Italy)
Bronze - Dailane Gomes Reis (Brazil)
5th - Shinekhuu Purevkhuu (Mongolia)
6th – Leigh Provisor (USA)
Gold –Xu Haiyan (China) dec. Monika Michalik (Poland), 5-4
Bronze – Dalma Caneva (Italy) dec. Shinekhuu Purevkhuu (Mongolia), 7-2
Bronze - Dailane Gomes Reis (Brazil), no match

69 kg
Gold – Randi Miller (USA)
Silver - - Enas Mostafa Yousef (Egypt)
Bronze - Agneiszka Wieszczek-Kordus (Poland)
4th - Tsevegmed Enkhbayar (Mongolia)
5th - Chunying Wang (China)
Round 1 - Agneiszka WIESZCZEK-KORDUS (POL) won by fall over Chunying WANG (CHN) (Fall 5:06)
Round 1 - Enas Mostafa YOUSEF (EGY) won by fall over Tsevegmed ENKHBAYAR (MGL) (Fall 4:12)
Round 2 - Randi MILLER (USA) won by decision over Enas Mostafa YOUSEF (EGY) (Dec 6-0)
Round 2 - Chunying WANG (CHN) won by decision over Tsevegmed ENKHBAYAR (MGL) (Dec 8-0)
Round 3 - Randi MILLER (USA) won by decision over Tsevegmed ENKHBAYAR (MGL) (Dec 10-4)
Round 3 - Agneiszka WIESZCZEK-KORDUS (POL) won by decision over Enas Mostafa YOUSEF (EGY) (Dec 6-4)
Round 4 - Randi MILLER (USA) won by decision over Agneiszka WIESZCZEK-KORDUS (POL) (Dec 5-1)
Round 4 - Enas Mostafa YOUSEF (EGY) won by fall over Chunying WANG (CHN) (Fall 5:56)
Round 5 - Randi MILLER (USA) won by decision over Chunying WANG (CHN) (Dec 2-0)
Round 5 - Tsevegmed ENKHBAYAR (MGL) won by fall over Agneiszka WIESZCZEK-KORDUS (POL) (Fall 1:43)

75 kg
Gold - Aline da Silva Ferreira (Brazil)
Silver - Liping Jia (China)
Bronze - Iris Smith (USA)
4th - Odonchimeg Badrakh (Mongolia)
Round 1 - Aline DA SILVA FERREIRA (BRA) won by decision over Odonchimeg BADRAKH (MGL) (Dec 6-2)
Round 1 - Liping JIA (CHN) won by decision over Iris SMITH (USA) (Dec 2-2)
Round 2 - Iris SMITH (USA) won by decision over Odonchimeg BADRAKH (MGL) (Dec 7-2)
Round 2 - Aline DA SILVA FERREIRA (BRA) won by fall over Liping JIA (CHN) (Fall 2:42)
Round 3 - Liping JIA (CHN) won by decision over Odonchimeg BADRAKH (MGL) (Dec 10-7)
Round 3 - Aline DA SILVA FERREIRA (BRA) won by tech fall over Iris SMITH (USA) (TF 10-0)