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News | Aug. 30, 2013

USA Back at Military Orienteering World Championship

By Steven Dinote Armed Forces Sports

The U.S. Armed Forces are back competing in Orienteering.  After a 14-year hiatus, the U.S. Armed Forces re-energized the Orienteering program to compete at the 2013 World Orienteering Military Championship hosted by the Swedish Armed Forces in Eksjo, Sweden 26 August to 1 September. 

The top U.S. competitor was 2LT Hannah Culberg (Army) finishing 23rd of 55 and 27th of 58 in the women’s middle distance and long distance respectively. 

Culberg lead the U.S. Women with a time of 44.14 in the women’s relay along with LT Virginia Debons and Maj Maiya Anderson finishing 11th of 15. 

The U.S. Delegation included members of the U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force. 

The Complete roster for the 2013 Orienteering Team includes: Chief of Mission – COL Mark Drown (Army) Team Captain – Mr. Darrel Manual (Army) LTC Liam Collins (Army) CDR Grant Staats (Navy) LCDR Jeremy Debons (Navy) Maj Joseph Burkhead (USAF) Maj Maiya Anderson (USAF) LT Virginia Debons (Navy) 1LT Kevin Culberg (Army) 1LT Joshua Wang (Army) 2LT Hannah Culberg (Army) .

Team USA will begin searching for competitors for the 2014 World CISM Championship hosted by the Austrian Armed Forces next year. 

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