News | Oct. 7, 2016

Army Men capture 5th straight Softball Gold; Army Women repeat as Armed Forces Champs

By U.S. Armed Forces Sports U.S. Armed Forces Sports

The Army Men and Women Softball Teams dominate the 2016 Armed Forces Softball Championship at Joint Base San Antonio-Fort Sam Houston’s Pershing Ballpark, hosted September 18-23.  

After going 4-1 through the first two days, Army fell flat losing to both the Air Force and Navy.

Air Force finished day-three winning all three games, bouncing back from a 2-3 record from the days before.  Navy beat both Army and Marine Corps, but lost the rubber match with the Air Force.  

In dramatic fashion, the men’s championship had the potential for a three-way tie for the gold as the teams headed into the final day of competition.  

With gold in site, the Marine Corps upset Navy with a 31-25 win forcing the Navy to watch their fate over the next two games.  

After defeating the Air Force 21-19, the Army faced the Marine Corps in the final game of the tournament.  Up 21-3 over the Devil Dogs, Army watched their lead slip away after a 25-run shellacking in the sixth inning by the Marines.  At the limit of their homerun limit, Army managed a series of base hits and doubles in the top of the seventh inning to retake the lead 33-25.  

Army held on to the lead and captured their fifth straight Armed Forces gold medal, finishing 6-3.  

With Air Force’s edge over the Navy in head-to-head competition, Air Force took the silver as both clubs finished 5-4.  Marines finished fourth with a record of 2-7.

On the women’s side, Army rolled through the competition up through the first two rounds of the tournament.  

Army solidified the gold medal after defeating Navy 11-2 in the final game of day-three.  Army lost to the Air Force 10-5, but defeated the Marines 9-0 on the final day, finishing with a 7-2 record and repeating as Armed Forces Champions.  

Navy finished with a 6-3 record to capture the silver.  Air Force finished third (5-4) and Marines fourth (0-9).  

The 2016 Armed Forces Softball Championship also served to select the U.S. Armed Forces Men’s and Women’s Softball Championship, who both competed at the 2016 American Softball Association/USA Softball National Championship in Oklahoma City, Okla. from September 30th through the 2nd of October.  

The U.S. Women’s Armed Forces Softball Team returned to the Nationals hoping to defend their 2015 National Championship.  However, both the men and women lost their first two games, ending their chances to return to the podium.  

The Armed Forces Men’s All-Tournament Team included:
SrA Anthony Eschete (USAF), SPC Jadon Matthews (USA), SGT Andrew Renaud (USA), PO2 Aaron Dampier (USN), PO3 Nicholas Bernardini (USN), PO2 Robert Lee III (USN), PO2 Anthony Bartolini (USN), SrA Rashad Robinson (USAF), Cpl Joel Sanchez (USMC), SSG Eric Querry (USA), Cpl  Alexander Genao (USMC). 

The Armed Forces Women’s All-Tournament Team included:
Sgt Petunia Robles (USMC), TSgt Shameka White (USAF), SSgt Terri Hodges (USAF), SSgt Stephanie George (USAF, PO3 Victoria Pszyk (USN), ENS Codi Kelly (USN), SGT Laura Schulze (USA), SGT Tiffany Oliver (USA), SPC Shelbi Garcia (USA), PFC Raeneekah McCall (Army), SGT Tifanny Parker (USA)  

Based on availability, the following players advance to represent the US Armed Forces at the 2016 Amateur Softball Association Men’s National Championship:
Navy: PO2 Robert Lee III, PO2 Anthony Bartolini, PO3 Nicholas Bernardini, CPO Frank Kraus, PO2 Lance Hutchins 
Army: SGT Andrew Renaud, SPC Jadon Matthews, SSG Eric Querry, SGT Kevin Simashjevich, MSG Benjamin Kahalehoe, 
Marine Corps: Cpl Anthony Silkwood, Cpl Alexander Genoa
Air Force: TSgt Justin Newton, SrA Rashad Robinson, 
SrA Anthony Eschete
Head Coach: Major Ron Columbo (USA)
Asst Coach: SFC Vernon Walton (USA)

Based on availability, the following players advance to represent the US Armed Forces at the 2016 Amateur Softball Association National Women’s Championship:
Army: SPC Marjorie Mills, SPC Shelbi Garcia, SGT Tifanny Parker, PFC Raeneekah McCall
Navy: PO3 Victoria Pszyk, ENS Codi Kelly, SN Jordan Brown, PO3 Megan Blumenshein, ENS Jennifer McGary, PO1 Nicole Cavett
Marine Corps: Cpl Alexis Bushika
Air Force: A1C Carissa Albizu, TSgt Shameka White, SSgt Terri Hodges, SSgt Stephanie George
Head Coach: SSG Nicole Higgins (USA)
Asst Coach: 1SG Corey Winn (USA)


Day 1 (19 Sept) Results
Game 1 (M): Army 29 - Navy 22
Game 2 (W): Army 15 - Navy 7
Game 3 (M): USAF 25 - USMC 21
Game 4 (W): USAF 14 - USMC 2 (5)
Game 5 (M): Army 35 - USMC 19 (5)
Game 6 (W): Army 15 - USMC 4 (5)
Game 7 (M): USAF 30 - Navy 29
Game 8 (W): USAF 6 - Navy 1
Game 9 (M): Navy 26 - USMC 22
Game 10(W): Navy 8 - USMC 6

Day 2 (20 Sept) Results
Game 11 (W): Army 8 - USAF 1
Game 12 (M): Army 23 - USAF 20
Game 13 (W): Navy 5 - Army 4
Game 14 (M): Navy 35 - Army 34 (8)
Game 15 (W): USAF 12 - USMC 0 (5)
Game 16 (M): USMC 30 - USAF 27
Game 17 (W): Navy 8 - USAF 4
Game 18 (M): Navy 27 - USAF 17
Game 19 (W): Army 3 - USMC 2
Game 20 (M): Army 26 - USMC 17

Day 3 (21 Sept) Results
Game 21 (W): Army 9 - USAF 8
Game 22 (M): USAF 14 - Army 12
Game 23 (W): Navy 8 - USMC 7 (9)
Game 24 (M): Navy 27 - USMC 23
Game 25 (W): USAF 14 - USMC 12
Game 26 (M): USAF 30 - USMC 23
Game 27 (W): Navy 11 - USAF 0 (5)
Game 28 (M):  USAF 31 - Navy 24
Game 29 (W): Army 11 - 
Navy 2
Game 30 (M):  Navy 36 - Army 26

Day 4 (22 Sept) Results
Game 31 (W): Navy 5 - USMC 2
Game 32 (M):  USMC 31 - 
Navy 25
Game 33 (W): USAF 10 - 
Army 5
Game 34 (M): Army 21 - USAF 19
Game 35(W): Army 9 - USMC 0
Game 36 (M): Army 33 - USMC 25

Final Standings:



1st:Army 6 3
2nd: USAF* 5 4
3rd:Navy 5 4
4th:USMC 2 7