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News | Oct. 5, 2015

USA Women's Soccer vs. Korea

By Pfc. Tim Shim, USAG Daegu Public Affairs Armed Forces Sports

Team USA’s Women’s Soccer team met their Republic of Korea counterparts in a Preliminary Round Group A at Gimcheon Sports Complex here today.

It was the second game for Team USA, who was seeking its first win after a tough loss to the French team. Unfortunately, this time they met full-time professional Republic of Korea Army’s women’s soccer team which currently plays in Women’s K-League.

Despite Team USA’s best efforts, they came up just short against the ROK team by a 2-0 score. Opportunities for goals were few. A late chance which looked to be a sure goal was thwarted by the ROK goalie, RoK Army Sgt. First Class Gwon Ju Yeong, who sacrificed her body to smother the strike.

“The South Koreans were much tougher, more technical, and a lot faster than the French,” said forward and Navy Ensign Caprice Kelty from Annapolis, MD .

Kelty said she’s looking forward to finishing the last game with a win. Other than that, she wants to enjoy her time in Korea, getting to know about people from other countries and Korea.

“It’s a dream come true to represent the United States of America,” Kelty said. Being able to play with different people from different branches is an interesting experience.”