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News | July 19, 2022

France Beats Canada 3-0 at CISM’s World Military Women’s Football Championship

By David Vergun, Armed Forces Sports U.S. Armed Forces Sports

France defeated Canada 3-0 during CISM’s World Military Women’s Football Championship in Spokane, Washington, July 18, 2022, the eighth day of the 11-day tournament. 

In the first half, Canada’s goalkeeper Alexandria Hogg was busy catching or deflecting French shots that were coming at her with the setting sun in her face. Shots not met by Hogg bounced off the frame. 

In past games, France scored high in goals. Canada’s response: stacking five defenders. Additionally, Canadian midfielders also played in the defensive area, frustrating French ambitions.  

The downside to that defensive strategy is that it also proved tough for Canada to score. 

The strategy paid off, though, as Canada’s backline remained stout for the first half. 

Despite controlling the ball and dominating, the French appeared stunned not to have made a goal in the first half. 

Action picked up in the second half, with France’s Anissa Belkasmi scoring in minute 64. Two minutes later, Sarah Palacin added a second goal for France. Belkasmi goaled again at minute 83. 

Even so, Hogg continued making spectacular saves for Canada to keep France from scoring an even higher game. 

Canada has one more game against Mali. France has one more game against South Korea. Both games are July 20 July, the last day before the medal games, July 22. 

Other teams competing are United States, Belgium, Cameroon, Germany, Mali, Netherlands, South Korea and the United States.  

This is the highest total number of nations competing ever, with more nations expected to participate next year and in coming years.