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News | July 14, 2022

Cameroon Edges U.S. in 2-1 Win in CISM’s World Military Women’s Football Championship

By David Vergun, Armed Forces Sports U.S. Armed Forces Sports

Cameroon squeaked by the U.S. Armed Forces Women’s Soccer Team in a nail-biter 2-1 win match 6 of CISM’s World Military Women’s Football Championship in Spokane, Washington, July 13, 2022, the third day of the 11-day tournament.

The U.S. was playing directly into the setting sun, with American players frequently holding their hand over their eyes to see the action on the pitch. U.S. Air Force Capt. Jen Gillette, defender #21, was wearing a visor.

Although the two teams were closely matched, Cameroon was slightly faster and better at taking shots, passing and interceptions right up until near the end of the first half.

Cameroon’s Brigitte Yvanna Mbomozomo goaled in minute 5, with U.S. goalie Kelly Fitzgerald unable to see the ball in the sun.

U.S. Army 1st Lt. Haley Roberson, midfielder #31, leveled the game with a goal during the 2 minutes overtime in the first half. She was assisted by Coast Guard Lt. j.g. Scotti Culton, defender #7.

That goal seemed to reenergize the U.S. team, holding their own against Cameroon in the second half. Cameroon, realizing that Roberson was a force to be reckoned with, placed two defenders on her.

Cameroon had watched Roberson win a hat trick, in the July 11 game against Belgium. The U.S. team had no chance to watch Cameroon play as this was their first game, so they didn’t know what they were up against.

At the start of the second half, both teams kept their starting 11 players with no substitutes or timeouts due to injury. Cameroon was the first to substitute 10 minutes into the second half with the U.S. subbing 2 minutes later.

At 79 minutes, Cameroon’s Ebika Tabe Brenda scored, giving Cameroon a 1 point lead to win the game 2-1.

Cameroon coach Ndoumou Mike Josephine said that she thought her team would win going into the game. “I have confidence in the players.”

U.S. coach Air Force Col. Derrick Weyand said “it was a fantastic game. It could have gone either way.”

There were all shutouts in the first five CISM games, this being the first where both teams scored.

The U.S. had a dominant 10-0 win over Belgium in the opening games, July 11.

The U.S. next faces Germany, a formidable opponent, July 15. Germany beat Ireland 3-0 in the other opening game and Germany also bested Belgium 5-0, July 13.

Other teams competing in this tournament are Canada, France, Ireland, Mali, Netherlands and South Korea.