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News | Feb. 27, 2020

Armed Forces Judo Identifies 2020 Tournament List

By U.S. Armed Forces Sports U.S. Armed Forces Sports

The following events are identified in order for Judokas to compete in order to gain experience and earn qualifying points within USA Judo.  Visit the USA Judo Events page for further information of the specific events below.  These events are sanctioned events and competitors should be authorized permissive TDY/TAD with their respective command endorsement.  

C Level Tournaments - Only two events that will earn direct consideration for the U.S. Armed Forces Team. Competitors must medal in their respective weight class:

US Senior Nationals - Daytona Beach FL - May 16-17
US Presidents Cup Championships - November 22

D Level Tournaments – To gain ranking:

Dallas Invitational - November 21
E Level Tournaments – To gain ranking:

Continental Crown - TBD
National Collegiate Judo Association Championships - TBD
Senior US Open - July 24-29
Other Tournaments for Considerations – for further performance evaluation:

AMCAM - International Tournament hosted in NY    May 23-24
Liberty Bell - April 4-5
Pedro's Challenge - May 02
USJA Summer Nationals - July 17-19
World Veterans Championships - September 3-6

B Level Events - Will earn automatic spot on the U.S. Armed Forces Team:

Continental Cup Events - View EJU/IJF
Pan American Games - View EJU/IJF
Pan American Championships - April 17-19
Any EJU B Level Open Events - View EJU/IJF