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News | Oct. 5, 2014

Mongolia Leads after Day Two

By Denis Dujardins CISM

The 2nd and last day of the 29th world military wrestling Championship at Fort Dix (USA) for freestyle wrestling male and female is completed with high-quality finals. All emotions are passed in the gym tonight: joy, sadness, cries, tears...

Cela a commencé avant le début de la compétition quand le monde de la lutte militaire américaine a tenu à rendre hommage à ses pères : Floyd Winter. Ancien lutteur, champion du monde militaire en Turquie en 1972 – le diplôme trône fièrement dans son bureau à Fort Dix – Floyd Winter a ensuite entraîné et diffusé sa passion à bon nombre de lutteurs et de lutteuses. Il a dédié sa vie à la lutte pendant plus de 40 ans. Randy «The Natural» Couture entouré de l’équipe militaire actuelle, des juges et des officiels, a lu un texte très émouvant lui rendant hommage mais aussi dévoilant toutes les qualités qu’un coach doit avoir. Un trophée lui a aussi été remis.

It began before the start of the competition when the world of the American military wrestling was held to pay tribute to one of his fathers: Floyd Winter. Former wrestler, the military world champion in Turkey in 1972 - the diploma is proudly in his office at Fort Dix - Floyd Winter has trained and spread his passion to many male and female wrestlers. He has dedicated his life to the wrestling during more than 40 years. Randy "The Natural" Couture surrounded by the current military team, the judges and officials, read a very emotional text – a tribute to him - but also revealing the qualities that a coach must have. A trophy has also been handed.

It’s time to the finals of the day
In 74 kg, the Americans thought holding their first world title as Moza Flay led 2-0 at the end of the first round against the kazakh Galymzhan Userbayev. But, in the second round, it has completely reversed the situation to win 10-7.
In 86 kg, Uitumen Orgodol (MON) has left no chance to his opponent of the day, the Swiss Marco Riesen. As soon as the whistle has blown, the Mongolian threw himself to the Swiss who almost did not see during the 2 rounds. He came back at the end through penalties points and lost 8-5.
In 97 kg, the Germans placed the first of their two representatives in the final William Harth against the Indian Hav Youdvhir. The match was pretty intense, not necessarily of a high technical level. To the delight of the whole German delegation, Harth was on the highest step of the podium by taking gold.
In the 125 kg, there were the 2nd German, Johannes Kessler against the Kazakh Dmitry Popov: two forces of the nature face to face. After a first run pretty tight and not very exciting, the score was 1-0 in favor of the Kazakh. With the support of the German fans, Johannes went after its forces, as his opponent also to pick up this title of military world champion. In the final seconds of the fight, the 2 wrestlers could even move as they were exhausted. The announcement of the result, Kessler has left burst his joy and the German wrestlers came to surround him to congratulate him. Pure happiness.

The tears of a “great lady”
In the 60 kg, as they were only 3 at the start, the suspense was quite low for the award of medals because there was the civilian world champion of Tashkent. Sukhee won before the Chinese Chen and the American Feroleto.
In 63 kg, the final was between Polish Monika Michalik and Chinese Xu Haiyan. After two times of 3 minutes rather boring because without attack, Chinese has emerged on the 5-4 lead. The emotional moment came during the awarding ceremony when the speaker announced that it was her last competition because she was retiring after almost all won on the mats around the world. She took a Chinese flag to make a lap and it started to cry in front of an applauding audience.
In 69 kg, during the last round, Randi Miller won 2-0 against the Chinese Wang and was military world champion with her 4 victories in 4 matches before the Egyptian Youssef and the Polish Wieszczek.
In 75 kg, we knew the title would go to the 2nd at the civilian world championship, the Brazilian Da Silva, because she had won her first 2 matches. We only need to know who will be 2nd and 3rd on the podium. The Mongolian Badrakh who was leading 6-0 after the first round has thought to 6 seconds before the end that she could be on the podium. But the Chinese Jia scored 4 points victorious to win 10-7 and won silver, bronze went to the American Smith.
Tomorrow will begin the Greco-roman wrestling at 9.00 the 59 kg, 66 kg, 71 kg and 75 kg categories.
Text and pictures: Duo Dujardin